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Lean Protein


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BCAA’s, short for branched amino acids, are three essential amino acids key in muscle growth and maintenance processes, especially for athletes and all who exercise regularly.

Today’s lifestyle demands a consistent commitment to our health and the quality of the food we eat. Vegan BCAA is 100% suitable for vegans, a simple way to ingest quality branched amino acids from an animal-free and sustainable source………

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Weider has created Lean Protein as the ideal supplement to help you in those periods when your goal is to stay slim.

Packed with proteins from high quality sources and enriched with ingredients carefully chose Lean Protein will help you reach one of the most challenging goals, improving body composition by reducing fat while keeping muscle mass. Lean Protein’s formula has been especially designed to reach the best results!

Each shake contains 76% of protein from milk, whey and high-quality pea Pisane®. While protein feeds your muscles and avoids muscle mass loss, the following ingredients will combine and contribute to achieving a feeling of satiety and reducing fat tissue:

  • CLA: This ingredient’s main aim is maximizing fat burn, therefore, helping to reduce fat mass.
  • Inulin and Konjac Glucomannan: These fibers contribute to the feeling of satiety and help control insulin peaks.
  • L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine has been proven to favor fatty acid transport helping mobilize and eliminate body fat.
  • Green tea extract: Rich in polyphenols, green tea improves insulin sensitivity and fat loss.
  • Caffeine: As a thermogenic ingredient caffeine increases basal metabolism expenditure and, therefore, caloric expenditure.

Lean Protein´s key feature is that it not only contains high quality ingredients, we have also added quinoa (quinoaTrim®) and ModcarbTM, a state-of-the-art ingredient made with organic cereals that modulates glucose absorption preventing cravings and energy slumps.

Lean Protein is ideal as a midmorning or afternoon snack or to recover after your daily workout. For a creamier shake, mix it with milk or use water in periods when you need to control your calorie intake.

Try Lean Protein and don’t miss on the treats of staying slim!


  • 500g = 16 Portions
Nutrition info
Per 100 g
Energy 1477 KJ/ 349 Kcal 443 kJ/ 105 kcal
Fat 3,2 g 0,9 g
– of which sat. fatty Acids 1,1 g 0,3 g
Carbohydrates 6,6 g 2 g
 – of which Sugars 3,1 g 0,9 g
 Protein 70 g 21 g
 Sal 0,93 g 0,28 g
 Inulin 3490 mg 1047 mg
Choline Bitartrate 1000 mg 300 mg
Konjac Glucomannan 1000 mg 300 mg
 L-Carnitine 682 mg 205 mg
Green Tea Extract 150 mg 45 mg
Caffeine 7 mg 2,1 mg
* Serving size: 30 g powder mixed with 250 ml water


Mix 30 g powder (1 measuring scoop) with 250 ml semi-skimmed milk (1,5% fat) or water.


30% Milk Protein Isolate¹, 30% Whey Protein Concentrate¹ (Emulsifier: Soya-Lecithins), 18,9% Pea Protein Isolate (100% Pisane® C9), 10% Low Fat Cocoa Powder, 3,5% Inulin, Flavouring, 1% L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate, 1% Choline Bitartrate, 1% Konjac Glucomannan, 1% ModCarb™ (Oat Bran (Avena Sativa)(gluten free), Quinoa, Amaranth (Amaranthus Hypochondriacus), Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum)(gluten free), Millet (Panicum miliaceum)), 1% QuinoaTrim™(Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa), Thickener: Xanthan Gum; Sweeteners: Acesulfame K, Sucralose; Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis, leaf).


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