Protein Pancake

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Weider Protein Pancake Mix is a great choice for preparing delicious pancakes rich in oats and protein. They have less carbohydrates than most other products on the market and, of course, much more protein (nearly 35 %) per serving. We studied a combination of ingredients for our Protein Pancake Mix which combine whole oat flour with the best sources of protein: whey, egg and milk; thereby achieving an optimum supply of essential amino acids and a very high biological value protein.

Protein Pancake Mix has been developed using whole egg powder, to get tender and fluffy pancakes that taste amazing. These are the best texture you could have in a protein pancake. Its unique combination of proteins provides almost 35% protein compared to 22% of other brands whilst keeping all the flavour and egg nutrients.

Our patented ingredient ModCarb ™ is rich in grains (such as amaranth and quinoa) with green certificates.  ModCarb ™ has a low glycemic index and is also rich in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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