KOH Coconut Water 1 Ltr–Original / Mango / Milk

KOH Coconut Water 1 Ltr

Original / Mango / Milk

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KOH Coconut Water Original 

Coconut Water it is a natural isotonic that replenishes the body with electrolytes, potassium and necessary fluids. KOH is “Right from the Coconut”. It’s as fresh as you can get without actually drinking from the coconut. Taste the difference.

KOH Coconut is minimally processed and completely natural with no additives. KOH is made only from the fresh juice of young Thai coconuts, is delicious, refreshing, healthy and 100% all natural. We do not add any sugars to Koh Coconut water original.

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Koh Coconut is great for mixing with any of our Weider Proteins for extra hydration and potassium kick. 

Koh Benefits:
Koh Coconut water is extremely low in calories and packs a nutritional punch. It is full of minerals and has more electrolytes than packaged sports drinks and more potassium than a banana.
1. It has absolutely no cholesterol – this is in addition to being a low-calorie drink
2. Despite being naturally sweet, it is extremely low in sugars.
3.It is low in sodium compared to energy drinks and high in chloride compared to sports drinks.
4.Regulates and controls the body’s temperature and boosts the immune system.
5.It boosts your metabolism, which is an important step in a person’s weight loss process.
6.It is a natural isotonic drink i.e. is the perfect drink to rehydrate your body and replenish lost electrolytes.
7.It cleanses and settles the digestive tract by actively killing intestinal worms that makes for easier digestion and less chances of digetsive illnesses.
8.Coconut water helps controls vomiting making it extremely important for those suffering from ailments that cause vomiting like typhoid, malaria or fevers.

First thing First: Coconut water is cloudy I appearance. Any product which is crystal clear has most likely been treated
No 1. We are not from concentrate. Our coconuts are cut from the tree and in the carton within a matter of hours.
2. We use mostly young Thai coconuts. These are sweet and full of nutrients. Our company is small so there are enough coconuts for our production needs.
3. KOH Original has No Added Sugars, flavours or preservatives because our coconuts are young, naturally sweet and tasty. There are other brands out there that add sugars, sweeteners and preservatives and don’t declare them all on their label. Koh Mango has a little added sugar for those that prefer sweeter product
4. We do however pasteurise our product as it is really the only way to destabilise the bacteria, rendering it useless and extend it’s shelf life. We pasteurise at the lowest temp possible and for the shortest time so as not to damage the goodness of our water. Other brands use preservatives because they leave their coconut water in drums for weeks on end. We do not need these as our water practically comes straight from the coconut to carton. No waiting around.
All that said, we have the best coconut water on the market for the best price. We are a small company. An underdog against the big guys. That’s why we have to have a better product.

INGREDIENTS KOH Coconut Water Original:

100% Pure Thai Coconut Water.

INGREDIENTS KOH Coconut Water & Mango:

Pure Coconut Water (85%), Water, Sugar, Mango Juice (1.5%), Mango Flavour, Vitamin C

INGREDIENTS KOH Coconut Milk (non dairy)

Water, Pure Coconut Water (14%), Sugar, Coconut Cream (3.5%), Emulsifier (E472e, E473), Coconut Flavour, Sodium Biocarbonate, Salt, Stabilizer (E466



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