Weight Loss

    • Thermo Caps

      120 Caps


      Weider Thermo Caps are powerful thermogenic capsules that help increase body temperature which in turn will help burn calories in order to obtain the defined body you are working towards.

      Made with L-carnitine, green tea extract, Mate Tea Extract, guarana, Niacin, Turmeric extract and caffeine extracts as well as other plant extracts and thermogenic ingredients………

    • Victory
      Fat Burner
      40 Portions

      24.99 19.99

      Fat Burner is the unbeatable fat burning product by Victory. Now, with amore active formula to help you achieve the results that you desire! Its unique combination of ingredients causes a thermogenic and lipotropic effect and at thesame time inhibits the appetite.

      Prominent ingredients:

      • Herbal Complex: Combination of natural extracts with thermogenic effect. Its effect on the metabolism causes an increase in basal calorie burning by increasing the calories consumed by the body during the day.
      • L-Carnitine: Promotes the use of fats as a source of energy for the body and therefore reduces fatty deposits.
      • Chrome: Has a regulating effect on the insulin levels, meaning a decrease in appetite. Ideal for beating sugar cravings!

      Fat Burner is the ideal supplement for those who follow diets to lose weight as it is an essential tool to focus your effort on the loss of unwelcome accumulated fat.

      Thanks to Fat Burner, you will burn more calories during the day regardless of your physical activity.

    • NutProtein Choco Spread


      6.49 5.99

      Weider NUTProtein Choco Spread is a delicious cocoa spread made with real hazelnuts and high quality whey protein so that you can treat yourself and stay slim at the same time.

      Chocolate spreads are usually pumped with sugars and fat and, most likely, they haven’t been part of your diet for long. But things have changed. We have developed NUTProtein Choco Spread without adding sugars and using 100% natural non-hydrogenated vegetable fats.

      NUTProtein Choco Spread is unique and special in that its protein content has been enhanced with up to 21% of real whey protein concentrate. Proteins are an essential nutrient and key to maintaining and building muscle mass while also enhance satiety. Whey protein is rich in essential amino acids and BCAAs, the most important amino acids for the skeletal muscle.

    • High Mineral Stack

      120 Caps


      Weider High Mineral Stack has a Calcium to Magnesium ratio of 2:1 and contains a high-dose of minerals and trace elements.

      High mineral stack is great for those who train relatively intensively three or more times per week as the body requires more minerals and trace elements that a normal diet might not fulfil

      High mineral stack is also useful for people on diet that are not guaranteed that they get sufficient mineral supply through the food they eat. Lots of us through the lack of time or comfort reasons cannot nourish ourselves fully on an everyday basis. That’s why this product is developed for you in the form of capsules filled with the most important minerals in high quantity.

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