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Whey White Chocolate
Protein Spread

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Weider NUTProtein Choco Spread is a delicious cocoa spread made with real hazelnuts and high quality whey protein so that you can treat yourself and stay slim at the same time.

Chocolate spreads are usually pumped with sugars and fat and, most likely, they haven’t been part of your diet for long. But things have changed. We have developed NUTProtein Choco Spread without adding sugars and using 100% natural non-hydrogenated vegetable fats.

NUTProtein Choco Spread is unique and special in that its protein content has been enhanced with up to 21% of real whey protein concentrate. Proteins are an essential nutrient and key to maintaining and building muscle mass while also enhance satiety. Whey protein is rich in essential amino acids and BCAAs, the most important amino acids for the skeletal muscle.

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Weider Whey Protein White Spread is a fantastic whey protein spread with a delightful white chocolate flavor, ideal for giving yourself a treat while watching your figure. After the excellent success of the chocolate-hazelnut NUTProtein Choco Spread, we are launching a new version that you’re going to love.

This time it comes in a delicious white chocolate flavor. As you know, chocolate spreads normally contains a huge amount of calories, sugar and fats. So if you like to take care of yourself, you will certainly have banned them from your diet a long time ago. Now those days are over, we add no sugars and use 100% natural, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil in our Whey White Spread.

The most special feature of Whey Protein White Spread is that we have boosted the protein content to 22% protein by using real concentrated whey. Protein is an essential nutrient for staying healthy and maintaining and developing muscle, as well as making you feel satisfied. Whey protein is rich in essential amino acids and BCAAs, the most important amino acids for skeletal musculature. Whey Protein White Spread can be considered a “Low Carb” product. Not all carbohydrates are equal or have the same effect on the body. For example, out of the 35% carbohydrates in Whey Protein White Spread, only 6 grams could be considered net carbs. This is because most of its carbohydrates come from maltitol, a low-calorie polyalcohol. The sugars in its composition are found naturally in whey protein. Whey Protein White Spread is perfect for any type of diet:

If your goal is to increase muscle mass and you are in the bulking phase, Whey Protein White Spread is a delicious way to provide your muscles with essential amino acids. If you are on a diet and want to take care of your figure, Whey Protein White Spread is a delicious indulgence that is protein-rich but low in carbohydrates and sugars. You can combine Whey Protein White Spread with other Weider protein-rich products, such as Protein Bread or Protein Pancakes. With less than 80 kcal per portion, you can add some self-indulgent chocolate to your diet. Taking care of yourself has never been so easy and so tasty!

Product Highlights Per 15g Serving: Based onNut Protein Spread (actual numbers coming soon)

  • 74.4 kcal per serving (water)
  • 22% protein
  • 5.3g Fat (
  • 5.9g carbs (0.3g Sugars)

 Special Features

  • Low Sugar
  • Only 6g net carbs
  • Prepared mixture rich in protein and fiber to make delicious pancakes
  • Combines three protein sources: Complete Whey, Egg and Milk Protein
  • More protein and less carbohydrates than similar products


  • Muscle build-up phase
  • Strength build-up phase
  • Definition
  • Dieting


INGREDIENTS: Based on Nut Protein Spread

Sweetener: Maltitol*; Vegetable Oils (Cole Seed Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil), Whey Powder Concentrate (Milk), Hazelnuts (11%), Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (6%), Emulsifier: Soya-Lecithins; Flavouring.

May contain traces of other nuts.

Instructions for use: As you please


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