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Thermo Rush Fat Burner

New Thermo Rush Fat burner Capsules contain a variety of plant extracts including guarana, green tea and chili pepper extract. 

40% Low Carb High Protein Bar

Weider Low Carb High Protein Bar has only 1.7g Net Carbs but provides a consistent energy flow. The milk protein contained within fuels your muscles for a long time.

NutProtein Choco Spread

Weider NUTProtein Choco Spread is a delicious cocoa spread made with real hazelnuts and high quality whey protein so that you can treat yourself and stay slim at the same time.

Protein 80 Plus

Weider Protein 80 Plus is a 4 component protein concentrate (milk protein, milk protein isolate, whey protein and egg protein) for the sophisticated athlete.

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